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Companies to work from home

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Working from home is a more popular activity than we think, according to research by the Telework Research Network. Research group reports found that one in five American workers work from home at least one day a week, and about 3 million workers never set foot in an office outside the home. That number is expected to increase, nothing more and nothing less, than 63 percent in the next five years. It is good news because great opportunities will open up. This is due to the involvement of companies in reducing gases to prevent worsening in the greenhouse effect since, with workers from home, companies save money. Two good arguments to propose to yours.

Tired of going to the office

You may be tired of spending large amounts of money on trips just to sit in an office all day and curses will come out of your mouth when you get home. Maybe your problem is taking care of children , to the point that in hell every day you ask yourself: why have I had children? Don’t feel guilty, the therapists’ consultations are full of guilty mothers and mothers for not being able to spend enough time with them, either because we arrived home defeated from tiredness or stressed and we couldn’t even play with them; Or because we spend so much time between the office and the trips that we can hardly see them grow.

Good companies to work from home


Skip your daily dose of traffic with these telecommuting companies, and check out some tips that can help you be successful in your job search for working from home. Here I leave you information about the best five companies to work from home.


Workers at global network giant Cisco suffered layoffs in 2012, but Cisco continues to market due to the fact that 90 percent of its employees are “normal” travelers, that is, so-called “regular commuters” who They work from home at least a fifth of the time, according to CNN Money. The work-from-home opportunities it offers are in the areas of:

  • emerging markets
  • human Resources
  • finance
  • work done by the company for the public sector
  • computer programmers.

The size of the company and the large number of sectors in which it works allow it to offer work from home not only to graduates in Computer Science. Also, larger companies are more likely to allow telecommuting than smaller ones. One option, if you are not an expert in those areas, is to have a simpler job doing reports from home.

  • Cisco recovered, but if you’re looking for yourself, find out from companies that have layoff records. Sending employees to work from home can mean that they are cutting expenses and thus be a step prior to dismissal.


This is another strong tech company. Oracle began hiring telecommuters from the start of use of Sun Microsystems in 2010, which makes working from home easier. The detailed Telework survey highlighted, from the beginning of use of this system, an increase in production for the employer and the employee. It also highlighted that the employees “in office” dedicated 60% of the travel time to the company in perform work. They were involved as you should be if you want to work from home. Because you have to be disciplined.

At Oracle, you may be hired first to work your five-day work week in the office, but over time it provides benefits for working from home based on experience and seniority. While you can start with a five-day work week, Telecommuting companies often provide benefits for working from home with experience and seniority.

  • And dismisses the myth that average employees who work from home have a lower salary. Research reports from Telework prove that the average employee who performs work from home earns up to $ 58,000 per year nationwide in the USA.

American express

Telework reports indicate that American Express’ US sales representatives who work from home handle more than 26 percent more calls and generate 43 percent more business than their peers who work from home. The reason behind the numbers? Homeworkers are less likely to call in sick, are able to handle appointments at home, and more likely to work harder and longer on the job. As companies continue to see production numbers increase, American workers can see more and more opportunities to work from home.

In this article I have left you the top three of the five best companies to work from home. These three companies are the ones that pay the most as a teleworker. You may find it difficult to enter to work in them, I know. Here are two others where it is easier to enter and you can also help others humanely.

Good luck and remember, as the Spanish saying goes: “whoever follows it gets it.”

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