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Amazing Review of Nikon Forestry Pro Rangefinder

by aftermetrics

The development of this rangefinder has brought so much joy to me. It’s like it was designed for my existence! As a forester with poor eyesight with a somewhat careless attitude on my belongings, this is an ideal rangefinder.

First of all, let me begin with my penchant for waterproof things. As a person often outdoors, I own a treasured waterproof jacket, waterproof phone, and shoes. I despise wasting my other arm for holding an umbrella, and I’m not best in keeping my belongings carefully tucked away from water. Thus, being waterproof was one of my requirements when I first looked for a rangefinder.

Next, and I’m really extremely joyous for this, this model has a high-eyepoint design that lets me view the lens with glasses without worrying for distorted angles. With a high grade for both of my eyes, a rangefinder that allows me to use my eyeglasses while working is heaven-sent.

This rangefinder has a form that comfortably fits my hand and has a simple yellow and black color. One thing I really like about this is the material’s texture is not too smooth and glossy, thus, it doesn’t slip easily. It’s also not too rough and hard to clean. It’s just has a smooth matte surface that really matches my style.

Lastly, among others, Nikon Forestry Pro is extremely user-friendly and has all of top class’ rangefinders features, except this one is more on the affordable side.

Nikon Forestry Pro – Waterproof Laser Rangefinder


This rangefinder offers a weather-resistant and flexible measurement settings that could easily fit any lifestyle and need. Making the easy measuring job through rangefinders even easier.

Its lens has multi-layers of coating and a 6x magnification lens that won’t let the observer miss a target even from a far distance.


Weather resistant. This rangefinder is waterproof and the ultimate best friend of an outdoor enthusiast. The battery chamber is water resistant and this can be submerged in 1meter of water for about 10mins. Rain about to pour down? Stream ahead? No worries!

High Quality Imagery. The lens could magnify 6X and has a multi-layer coating to produce the best image possible for measuring distance.

Flexible. View results in the LCD panel inside or outside, depending on what is more convenient. Results are displayed on both panels simultaneously.

View with eyeglasses. The high-eyepoint design allows people to view and find distances efficiently while using their eyeglasses- without sacrificing the danger of being inaccurate from an inappropriate angle.

Convenient and wide range for measurement results.  Results could be viewed in yards, meters, or feet and have a maximum of: 10-500 m/11-550 yd./33-999 ft.

2 measurement modes. First Target Priority Mode and Distant Target Priority Mode give measurements from nearby objects and even to the farthest range that could be reached bythe rangefinder. This is especially useful for hunters. 


This rangefinder has 2 screens; one inside and one on the side, where results are displayed simultaneously. Thus, readings could be done while seeing the target through the eyepiece, or after focusing everything, on the side.

  • The finish of the rangefinder’s exteriors is also matte black and yellow, with power and mode buttons that could easily be reached on the top part.
  • Distance could also be measured from near objects to the target, or from the most distant point the rangefinder could reach to the target. The second mode is more useful for hunting purposes, something very useful especially in forests.
  • Lens is made of multilayers of coating that helps generate images of higher quality which can be zoomed up to 6x. It’s really helpful for people with a weak eyesight. It also has a high-eyepoint that’s perfect for people wearing glasses.

It’s waterproof. That’s a big plus, especially if the owner is working outdoors, where weather is unpredictable.

This model is affordable, user friendly, and very flexible. I have friends who never used a rangefinder before, but could touch it and hold it for a few minutes, and start getting measurements in a while.


However, although the rangefinder is waterproof, it is only waterproof within 1m of water, for 10mins. It could be wet from rain or other bodies of water, but it’s not ideal to keep it wet or really submerge it. It also can’t be used for fining distances underwater.

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